Currently the customer expects to receive comprehensive servicing of his car. With the aim of offering services for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles “Ar Car Servis” provides the following list of works:

  1. High quality performance of bodywork and paint work of any complexity;
  2. Computer-based selection of paint;
  3. Comprehensive computer diagnostics; 
  4. Repairing undercarriage and engine overhaul; 
  5. Repair of diesel engines; 
  6. Wheel alignment camber; 
  7. Repair and maintenance of injectors; 
  8. Carburetor repair; 
  9. Engine oil change;
  10. Adjustment of the hood, doors and trunk; 
  11. Pasting-in glasses; 
  12. Soundproofing; 
  13. Sewing and selection of car jackets; 
  14. Repair of the electrical part, installation of an alarm; 
  15. Dry cleaning of the vehicle interior; 
  16. Dry cleaning of the engine compartment; 
  17. Professional polishing; 
  18. Pre-sale preparation; 
  19. Emergency replacement of tires, muffler and brakes; 
  20. Tow truck (vehicle carrier) services; 
  21. Repair and refueling of the air conditioner; 
  22. Cleaning injectors and adjusting valves; 
  23. Cleaning and setting spark plug clearances.

Additional services

  1. Delivery of your vehicle on a tow truck in case of an accident or breakdown in our auto repair shop “At the expense of a car service within Samarkand city”;
  2. Field technical repair truck, repair on the road “within Samarkand city”.

“Ar Car Servis” ensures an individual approach to each customer. You can spend time waiting in a comfortable room with a cup of coffee.

You have several reasons to contact us: High-quality, reasonable prices, warranty.

Аг Саг Servis Samarkand
Аг Саг Servis Samarkand
Аг Саг Servis Samarkand

Having handed over your car to our car service, you will receive it completely repaired. The most significant thing for us is not to disappoint you!

“AR CAR SERVIS” offers all types of car repair services based on the price list.

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